Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heart Attack Grill

I came across this article while "digging" around on digg.com . It was the "Quadruple Bypass Burgers" that caught my eye, and then it started...euphoric recall. It is the downfall of many an addict, but for a food addict, the memory of orgasmic meals of the past can bring on a longing that can be overwhelmingly masochist, yet so seductive. Where is the best burger in Sacramento? Jim Denny's, downtown on 12th Street...yes, I remember.... (Angela slaps herself.) O.K., I'm over it!

But then I saw what else they sell--cigarettes (They allow people to light up while others are trying to enjoy their meals?); French fries cooked in lard and little girlies in you-know-this-is-only-a-fantasy nurse suits? I hope they are trained in CPR because the patrons will need after the food and the cigarettes! Instant death by burger and fries!

I guess I really am recovering. This article has definitely become grossly disgusting to me. But it's interesting to realize that once upon a time, the food would have appealed to me. Now all I can do shudder. I'm only including one of the nursey-girly pictures. You'll have to dig through digg.com to see the rest.

The World’s Greatest Restaurant

Forget about places like The French Laundry and Jean Georges, Chandler, Arizona’s Heart Attack Grill may be the best eatery in the U.S.

Tired of all the attention being paid to nutritional information and trans fats nowadays? Then you need to head out to the Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, Arizona. This hospital-themed burger joint has a menu featuring French fries cooked in pure lard, cigarettes and Quadruple Bypass Burgers, which packs over two pounds of meat and 8,000 calories. If you can finish one of these gargantuan sandwiches, you get escorted back to your car in a wheelchair by one of the Grill’s sexy nurses. That’s right. In place of traditional waitresses, the restaurant employs hot women in naughty nurse outfits. Check out the Heart Attack Grill’s Website for more info and check out some pics below.

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