Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is why I'm switching to decaf....

I'm not only a food addict, but a serious coffee addict, too. During the worst of my eating days, I drank three pots of either expresso or French roast A DAY! I still had problems staying awake. The reason--well, I was consuming a whole lot of flour products like bagels, croissants, French bread (in addition to the more healthy but equally addicting whole grain bread), pasta high fat cheese, butter, cream cheese (flour products paired with high fat products was heaven to me), candy, cakes, cookies, ice cream--get the picture?

My blood sugar was jettisoned to the stratosphere, then I crashed back down into the hell called Earth and reality. This usually took about a half hour to an hour after eating/binging. Then I was sleepy, of course. Hence, the enormous amounts of coffee. I was desperately trying to stay vertical. And it usually didn't work until I actually got into bed. THEN the caffeine took effect. It's a miserable way to live.I no longer eat any of that stuff, so there's no need to consume the coffee. Now it's just the withdrawal. Oh, the headaches and sleepiness are maddening! But now my blood sugar (it's a miracle I never developed diabetes) can behave nicely. I try to remember that whenever my head hits my computer keyboard.

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